Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Random Act Of Culture

With the proposal for change of the Canadian anthem and other ways the media has led us to believe that Christianity is no longer appreciated, there comes something called the effect of the Holy Spirit, which no one can deny. If you haven't viewed this incredibly moving scene of shoppers at Macy's, stopping to take part in the Hallelujah chorus (with the choir), watch it and see how an enormous amount of people know the words to this famous piece that proclaims Jesus as King of Kings and Lord of Lords! It brought me to tears. Every knee shall bow!


The Carmodys said...

Oh wow - I LOVE it! There are some other cools ones on the Random Act of Culture website too. Thanks for sharing Heather.


Craig and Bethany said...

That is one of my ALL.TIME.FAVORITE songs. Perhaps they will change the anthem to that! :)