Monday, November 8, 2010

The Best Medicine

She just finished yelling, through tears, at her brother for carrying things around in her purse because it is, "Just for show! It's my shelf decoration!". Barely a minute later, she stuffed the cat into that "show purse" and paraded around with her all squished in there. I pointed out that she was being unfair to her brother by now using the purse herself. Her head hung low. Suddenly, we all noticed how that kitty was so content in her little ten inch square spot, paws sticking out over the edge, tail draped on the other side. We all laughed so hard, Oliver too, and all was forgotten. Grace, mercy and letting things go. When your day is filled with disciplining and lesson-learning, the relief of a little laughter is so, so good.
Gratitude continues:
514. for sunlight bathing my kitchen floor this morning
515. for the forecast of a warm week ahead
516. for a little boy who is found playing drums on my tupperware and grocery items
517. for a five year-old girl who takes schoolwork to the next level every time... looking for how she can apply it in other ways... amazes me
518. for friends who stay after the mess has been made
519. for sisters who are more like friends
520. for the way the Holy Spirit can change an ugly situation in a heartbeat if a humble prayer is offered
521. for cousin sleep-overs that actually help my day run smoothly (thanks, Brooke)
522. for Little House On The Prairie Box Sets (oh the re-run memories)
523. for Kashi almond bars
524. for grace extended from one Christian to another (when judgment is so prevalent)
525. for the hope we have in the promise... train them up and they'll return to the Lord
526. for children who remember to pray a blessing over every shopkeeper and doctor we know as we drive through our town
527. for forgiveness... the only thing that allows us to maintain good relationships from now until the end (what a release!)
528. for beautifully varied Canadian seasons
529. for a dancing family... play some music and we break out into movement :)
530. for children who are pointing out the fruits of the Spirit in each other

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Heather said...

A tisket, a tasket, a kitty in a basket...I took my little handbag back and on the way I hugged it!

Camille said...

Wonderful post Heather! We *love* "Little House" around here too...oh the memories!! It's not on my list yet...I'll have to add it! are over half way! And another yaay...for grace and mercy and forgiveness!!! We could go on and on and on about that! I think we eternity! :)

Blessings to you my friend!

Craig and Bethany said...

Oh, I feel AT HOME in your house!! A kitty in a shelf decoration {LOL} makes PERFECT sense. I love how your kids bring out the best in each other {and you}.