Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In The Thick Of It

Heaven--where every tear will be wiped away, all pain will be gone, all sorrow removed from us. My husband and I are in the throes of loving people through marital separation, depression, anger, sickness, disease, addictions, imprisonment, and recently finding out about adultery. We love so deeply and have prayed for the opportunity to minister. We've been through so much ourselves that we are passionate about helping our brothers and sisters-in-Christ.
But, there are days when we long for heaven more than other days. We can't fix them! Oh, how we want to wash it all away for our fellow sojourners, for ourselves! We can only lead them to the One who can, the One Who will forever, some day. We intercede, we meet, we advise, we receive, we pick ourselves up off the ground, we love. Praise God for mentors who lavish their wisdom on us so that we in turn, can share how Jesus has yanked us from the miry clay. We're so thankful to be in the thick of it... anything else would be a waste of time.


Anna said...

You guys are SUCH an inspiration to myself and many many others. God is using you in such amazing ways. It stinks to hear of all the many problems, but awesome to be able to help and mentor others.
Keep it up. Stay strong.

Camille said...

May the LORD truly give you HIS wisdom as you seek to be a blessing to others! How precious that HE is the ONE Who heals all diseases and makes everything right!

Blessings to you!

Craig and Bethany said...

The thick of it, I always feel like every moment counts when I'm there. And prayer, wow, let the battle lines be drawn!