Tuesday, November 9, 2010

They Can't Take It Away From You

The Holocaust. We're talking about it together today. I want my children to know the wise words I've heard lately and listened to again on this video, "What you keep in your head cannot be taken away by anyone." The Bible tells us to hide God's Word in our hearts so that we don't sin against Him. Keeping Scripture in our minds and hearts also protects us spiritually and emotionally from what "man" can do to us physically. Alice, who is the oldest holocaust survivor in the world (107 this month!), knew how to maintain her sanity through this horrible time in her history. She shares it here. Watch and be inspired to be full of gratitude today.


Camille said...

Oh how wonderful that we cannot be stripped of what the LORD has put in our hearts. Might we all be inspired to hide more of HIS Word there!

"The Hiding Place" has been made into an audio drama by Focus on the Family radio theatre...so amazing!! (Would caution you on the intensity of some of the scenes, but *so* worth the listen as your children become old enough...all of ours have heard it). Also, "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas" is a *must-see* movie for the older ones as well...DVD based on a novel written for children so they wouldn't forget. Powerful!

May the LORD give us each the wisdom we need to raise our children for HIM!

Thank you for sharing this post Heather...so sorry for taking so much space in the comments! :(


Heather said...

Memorization takes serious discipline. Thanks for the reminder that is is so worth the effort!

I've been inspired of late to resume my scripture memorization in addition to only requiring it of the boys. I've been richly rewarded already...

Craig and Bethany said...

WOW. We've been talking about this same thing, the holocaust and memorization. You just never know when you will need the protection of God's word hidden inside.