Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Morning Chaos

I'm happy and I'm sneaking quietly to the shower to get a head start. I've laid out the children's church clothes the night before and I feel good about my timing. Ah, the silence. I think about the fact that I may actually get to blow-dry my hair this time, that I may even be able to apply makeup before we leave the house. I realize that a cup of tea will have to be "to-go" but that's okay because I'm prepared in all other areas.

But somehow, the morning gets away from me and while I'm ironing the forgotten item and one child lies sleepily on the stairs and one is in a puddle of tears over not being able to find her other shoe, I sigh in dismay. My husband, who is trying to pull a shirt over a child's yawning face, is looking at his watch and calling for everyone to get into the van or he will be late for choir. I try to brush through the matted nest of my daughter's hair, as she cries like a wounded seal. My son is playing "drums" with the bananas we're taking with us for our breakfast-on-the-run and my mood is becoming less and less cordial.
Finally, we manage to get to the back door and someone lets the cat out. We tumble out of the house, now engaged in a game of chase-the-indoor-cat-who-longs-to-be-free and I'm exasperated. I set the alarm and lock the door, jump into the van, tearing my pantyhose, only to find out there's still one child in the house and I've locked her in. I'm muttering under my breath to my husband and I'm raising my voice to the three other children to "Get buckled!".
Our drive is not as joyful as I had hoped and while I try not to stab myself with my eyeliner, someone tattles that someone else has worn running shoes with her fancy dress and that so-and-so forgot to brush their teeth. I give up.
After dropping the four children off at Sunday School with forced smiles, hugs and kisses, I arrive breathless in the sanctuary where, obviously, the Holy Spirit has already shown up. I know this because I immediately want to cry. I feel His presence and I long for His comfort. For some reason, I'm resistant to Him and try to enter into the worship time pretending to be at peace. I catch my husband's eye from his choir row on the platform and I lose it. Tears come and I gush my need to the Lord for cleansing and renewal. He immediately responds and I'm swept away by his beckoning.
Grace on Sundays... it replaces the chaos for peace and offers forgiveness to accepting hearts. (#531)
532. for weekend success in homeschool organization (sometimes works and sometimes doesn't... this weekend I'm so prepared--now pray for me--ha ha!)
533. for our new contemporary evening services that send us home with solid, powerful teaching
534. for the advent season
535. for excited children who love their many, many Christmas program practices
536. for quick downpours--love them!
537. for scarves, mittens and colourful tights
538. for canvas prints
539. for how my children play "Helen Keller" every day :)
540. for my Christmas schedule I'm mapping out to avoid the mall this season

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Jolanna said...

It is so comforting to know that our family is not the only one who has mornings like that. Your words made me laugh out loud because I could relate so much and we only have 2 kids (and 2 dogs-I guess they count too). I can't imagine how hectic it is with 4 kids. It doesn't seem to matter how organized you try to be, life happens and things often don't work out, especially on Sunday mornings! Thanks for sharing Heather!

Wanting What I Have said...

Oh dear Heather. I had no idea you were watching OUR Sunday morning! :) Thank you for the peak into your heart. We have such similar Sundays. Why we can make it to a work day at the church on Saturday morning at 8:30am, but not to Sunday School at 9 on a Sunday morning...sigh...

Sarah said...

I was coming on here to say the exact same things as these ladies! lol I think it's a universal issue really. Every morning I get up super early thinking today will be the day I'm on time for work and not stressed! And as prepared I am, or seem to think I am, I can't think of every situation that may come up! Yesterday, I too sat down at church with a sigh and let everything go. God is GOOD!

The Maretzki Family said...

Long time no "see!" I haven't looked at your blog for ages, it seems.

Anyway, I love this post. I'm sure our family could relate to it a LOT! ;)

...they call me mommy... said...

Sounds familiar. :) Great post!
Happy Monday!

The Carmodys said...

Oh good . . . glad to know we're not the only ones with Sunday morning chaos . . . a few other days here and there! :)

Thanks for sharing. Love your testimony at the end.


Camille said...

Ah yes...avoiding the mall! I hear you on that one!!

Hang in there...we've all had *those* chaotic mornings on a Sunday! I think we don't often realize the Spiritual battle we are in!


Jessica said...

The above scene is partly why I let my children wear whatever they want on Sundays (within reason...)

And why I wear jeans.

Even so, I've done a lot of mascaraing in the car lately...

Craig and Bethany said...

Oh how I can relate! I am incessantly late and cranky on Sundays. So backward. It really feels like a minefield every week. I guess it probably is. You really capture it!

Traci Michele said...

Loved this! :-)