Friday, January 31, 2014

Day Thirty-One: How Kids Feel About Being Homeschooled

When moms are wondering about which curriculum to use or how to incorporate science experiments into their day, kids are thinking about how they'd like to have recess or do some art. Not much changes from school to home in what children desire, but we have the opportunity to listen to them and make their education soar to spectacular heights that foster individuality, creativity and fun! Let's see what kids have to say about being homeschooled...

I asked several kids these three questions:

1. What is your favourite thing about being homeschooled?
2. What is your biggest challenge in your homeschool day?
3. If you could change something in your homeschool day, what would it be?

1. "My favourite thing about being homeschooled is that I don't have to get up so early and go to school.
2. "I have to do chores. (giggle)"
3. "If I could make up my own school day, I would work in my pyjamas and I would do spelling for five hours and then one page of Explode The Code and then I'd read a picture book and then I'd be done."
Molly, 11

1. "Math is my favourite part of being homeschooled."
2. "I can see my family more often."
3. "Sometimes Oliver and Molly are talking and I'm trying to do school. I would have the counter spot all to myself to do my work."
Emily, 9
1. "I can manage my time as much as I want."
2. "Distractions, kids being loud, and I want to organize my room when I'm in there doing schoolwork.  My mom sometimes interrupts me to do various things when I'm trying to get work done."
3. "I would like to have one curriculum for all my subjects so that the test and quizzes and exams are organized together instead of all over the place. I would also like scheduled outdoor activities after school since my siblings get to go out before I am able. I'd also love to have a dance studio in my home so when kids are still in school, I could use those hours to practice."
Meghan, 14

1. "That you can go to people's houses."
2. "Math. The funnest is Journal."
3. "I want there to be no math books."
Oliver, 7

1. "I like going outside."
2. "The books are the hardest part, except journals and going outside."
3. "Ben and me just want to do 3 things--journals, go outside and play and go sledding. Phonics, I would get rid of phonics."
Sam, 6

1. "I like doing the drawing part and reading and all my books."
2. "Phonics is the hardest part."
3. "I would change all the books, except journals."
Ben, 6

1.  "We have the privilege to not be influenced in a bad way and that we don't get taught evolution as though it were fact."
2.  "The biggest challenge for me is that I don't have as many acquaintances as I would have if I were going to a school building."
3.  "I would like to have my friends with me during my school day ~ learning the same things at the same time in the same room."
E, 11

1. "What I like the most about home school is that I am able to direct my own day and be able to get as much as I can done academically so that I can devote time to other interests."
2. "My biggest challenge is to know when it is time to call it quits academically."
3. "If I could, I would take one of my interests and make it into an academic subject."
F, 14

1. "I like to be able to work at my own pace and learn from a Christian perspective.  I also get more free time to pursue other interests."
2. "My biggest challenge with home school is keeping on track with my academics."
3. "I would not really want to change anything about my school day."
C, 16

1. "Getting to hang out with friends during the day." 
2. "Having to work with my sibling all the time. (Not getting a break.)"
3. "I'd like to go away every day"
Serena, 12

1. "That I can learn about the things I'm interested in."
2. "Being with my sister and working through differences." 
3. "Having computer time first, before I do school work."
Aaron, 8

1. "I like that there are not as many bad influences." (was in traditional school for a few years)
2. "I find that the curriculum is more challenging and sibling irritation sucks."
3. "I want more access to internet and technology."
Jake, 17

1) "It is more relaxing; no rushing in the morning to catch a bus, or worries about the latest fashions. I like being able to do schoolwork outside and go out to the store or on trips whenever we feel like it."
2. "No challenges really, once in a while it is tricky working with younger siblings."
3. "I'm fine with it."
Brooke, 15

1. "I like going places."
2. "There's too much pressure when Daddy is around."
3. "I would like more math manipulatives."
Caleb, 12

1. "I like Mommy as my teacher because she does the best projects and knows how to help me."
2. "None."
3. "No more poems or speeches."

Eden, 9

What can we conclude from this small sampling of homeschooled students? As each of the moms sent me the honest answers of their children, they commented on how interesting or surprising some of the responses were. As I know each of these mothers personally and that they absolutely look into the interests of their children, it's still amazing how much more there is to take into consideration. Sometimes, their immaturity causes them to want certain subjects to disappear from their day and while this is not possible, what is possible, is the wonderful opportunity to make all of learning an enjoyable experience. Mostly, our children love being homeschooled and for that, I'm thankful. In reality, there will still be math struggles and kids who just never want to write a sentence, but we can make a difference in our children's education by hearing their voices and searching for options that create an environment of joyful learning. I've been challenged! Have you?

Thank you, my lovely readers for "tuning in" to my 31 Days Of Homeschooling Goodness! I pray the Lord blesses you as you begin or continue your journey or simply learn about home education.


Camille said...

Thank you, Heather...for writing these wonderful and encouraging posts!! I am going to miss seeing your daily updates. Perhaps you will continue to post everyday? (Joking...of course.) Have a lovely weekend. Hugs to you! Camille

Hildy said...

Congratulations, Heather! You did so well writing the 31 days in your journey. Keep writing. I was encouraged and enriched but also had this funny desire to want to have tea with your mom and sisters. The next time you take a field trip to Ottawa, be sure to take the whole family and come for a visit. Our home will be open to you all. Many blessings to you, and continued strength and eternal joy.

Heather said...

It was so much fun writing these posts each day. Thanks, Camille and Hildy and yes, I'll come for a visit to Ottawa (maybe with my mom and sisters :).