Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day Two: Nature Walks

It's the way we roll around here, nature walks are our thing. Even before I read about how Charlotte Mason was a huge advocate, I loved watching my children discover God through His creation. Anne of Green Gables said it best when the woman who adopted her didn't share her enthusiasm for the beauty of nature, "Oh Marilla, how much you miss."
Mama loves being involved in our homeschooling adventures.
She begs to come along!
Cousins always make backyard discoveries fun--and on that note, cousins' backyards are always more exciting than your own, aren't they?
If you peruse this blog, you'll find countless posts of nature walks, some that include geocaching, some that include nature notebooking, some that are for collecting objects for science projects, and some that are for exercise, plain and simple. Whatever the reason, nature walks are the best way to enjoy recess, gym time, a reward for diligence, or a way to run off pent-up anger that is spilling over into sibling squabbles :)
Now that we have a highschooler, who is very serious about her schedule, our nature walks are often just the three younger children and me. Sometimes, Meghan feels like she's missing out and sometimes she's thankful the restless natives have left the building! Because of the amount of hiking we do, there are often times when someone scrapes a knee or another is tired and whines to turn back, but mostly, we return home a little more knowledgeable about creation and brimming with new birds to look up online or things to draw.
I encourage you to expand your nature walks to include nature notebooking, even in winter, and I will too as I write about homeschooling this month. (Since Daddy is off work for a few more days, we will officially begin school next Monday but I will continue to share about how we home educate before you catch us in action for 2014). 


Jo Brent said...

Can Molly and I join you on some nature walks this year?

Heather said...

Yes! We'd love that!

jeana said...

Wow! I'm loving this 31 days. I'm really bad about nature study around here. You're so encouraging, I just love your nature posts:)