Friday, January 3, 2014

Day Three: Be Spontaneous

There is a fine line between being spontaneous and being an escapist--I have erased this line at times. But, for now, I'll share about partaking in a spontaneity that, if not pursued, would rob your family of wonderful experiences. While sifting through my photos, I found several trips that were offered last minute to my children and I and I grabbed them and have no regrets. These are the things laughter and inside jokes are made of and my children still talk about them today. These are the things that set homeschooling apart from traditional school and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to run with them. 
 Mama came across this little Alpaca farm a couple of years ago and off we went to make new friends and have a lesson in how they are sheered and their soft hair used for spinning and knitting.
Auntie Annie called us over for a lesson in heart monitoring and taking blood work.
An impromptu visit to the Butterfly Conservatory is always a favourite! 
The inspiration to give our Monarchs oranges came from here (and so did our Monarchs :) 
There's always something new to learn. 
Simple trips down the road to the frog pond are just as satisfying and educational.
Sometimes the idea arrives by way of a friend or family member and sometimes it's kid-driven. Either way, I try to be open to spontaneity in our homeschooling, without taking off at every whim. This is where good discernment comes into play. But don't forget, discovering God's world "out there" is often more rewarding than learning about the same things in books.
(Tomorrow I will share about diligence and staying home :)

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Camille said...

You are a wonderful homeschool Mama my friend! It's such a blessing to your children that you have taken this on...precious, actually. Wish we were near enough to join you on some of your excursions. :) Hugs, Camille