Sunday, January 5, 2014

Super Seven!

There's a superhero in our house. He dresses like Spiderman but in my opinion, he's a hero for other reasons. He's kind and sweet and often mentions how thankful he is. Some other little superheroes with varying abilities and qualities showed up to celebrate their friend and cousin who turned seven. Amidst gathering flying wrapping paper, preparing food and helping zip falling-off costumes, I beheld some pretty heroic behaviour by my super seven year-old.
As Oliver opened each gift, he showed the giver how pleased he was and thanked them each with a hug.
When one child bragged their gift was the best (as many precious kiddos might do), Oliver announced to the group that all the presents were special and he liked every one. 
Then it was time to show off their super powers on the luge run.
They had so much fun together.
Some superheroes had special vision and could maneuver even with their eyes closed the whole way down.
A couple of them could make themselves as light as air and therefore, a spotter had to make sure they didn't fly over the luge walls :) 
The Lord bless you, my little superhero. You are a wise boy and we pray you will grow to be a mighty man of God!

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Anna said...

Looks like tons of fun!! Hope he had a great birthday! (you've done a lot of blogging!!) Way to go!