Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day Twenty-Six: Making Art and Memories

"The art of mothering is to teach the art of living to children."
                                                                                                                             -Elaine Heffner
Messy tables, spilled paint, popcorn prayers, fingerprints on the wall, finding the other shoe for the field trip, mixing and rationing supplies for creating when there's not enough, dressing up, Bible songs, writing speeches, baking pies, creating a General Store, playing games, and exploring the woods... these beautiful experiences are the art of living.
As we near the end of the 31 Days of Homeschooling Goodness, I felt that it might be inspirational to share some of the most enjoyable things we do together as a family and as a homeschool group. These photos make me smile. When I scroll through them on my computer or the children see them in our book, they inevitably exclaim, "I remember that!" or "Mommy, can we do that again?" There is nothing more memorable than adding the more time-consuming, inconvenient things to your day--even if it's once a month. Making art and memories are the experiences that my children will never forget. It is these which they'll share with their own children. And if that's the case, I want to make many, many more of them. 
 art evening for moms at my house
 Unbelievable talent between my friend Tanya and her husband who create so much art and share it! 
 ready listeners 
the lovely Tanya inspires us
art as a group
 proudly displaying his art
 using Tanya's idea and creating this fabulous mask and headdress
 dressing up, always
nature notebooking
 our General Store for learning the concept of money
rolling out the dough
baking pies
 finding interesting creatures
 winning speech meets!
 Mama has a lot of homeschooled grandchildren :)
 playing games for a change in pace and practice of a concept
sewing with a furry friend
 field trip with homeschool buddies
celebrating the art of living--given by the Creator of it all!


Gillian said...

Heather, your homeschooling looks amazingly fun and wonderful! How blessed you are! {Is that a longhouse project I see? We love studying the Natives and how they lived!}

sgm said...

Thank you for opening your heart and home so we all can watch, read and learn from you! One day your kids will have a handbook the blog books your print and be thankful. Published one day...yes! Just a matter of time!!
Don't stop at the 31 days, keep going if only a few days a week. You have so much to teach and share.
Thankful for you!