Sunday, January 12, 2014

Day Twelve: Spend Time With Your Spouse

The last kiddo traipses down the stairs and Terry and I shoot the same look of relief at each other. It's been a long day and I slip under the afghan with him in front of the fire. We find a movie, preferably, one that will satisfy both of us, and snuggle in for the remainder of the evening.
We began dating in 1989 and haven't stopped. We make sure we have alone time and we get out of the house, even just to grab tea and coffee or fly his remote-control plane. I bring my camera to photograph birds and we quietly hang out together. It's a necessary and beautiful thing we have going but it wasn't without its road blocks. Conflict between us years ago, babies up in the night, careers for both of us, and sheer exhaustion gobbled us up at times. But, we remained true to our goal to celebrate us as a couple and that has made all the difference. The Lord, protected us and we desire to honour Him in our marriage. Serving each other is the key because that's what God told us to do in His Word. Amazing how giving yourself away in service to your spouse most often means you get the same in return! It took us a lot of time to figure this out, but we're getting it.
How does this relate to homeschooling? It relates in every way. Our togetherness affects the disciplining of our children, agreeing on how much to spend on curriculum, the security of our kids knowing that their parents are in love, and the strength we need because this journey is sometimes frustrating and overwhelming. I encourage you, friends, to remember who came first in your life and who is the one you will complete your life with. Your children will actually prosper when you place your spouse before them.
(My post on our school room will be tomorrow instead of today. I miscalculated with a birthday party in there and didn't have time to photograph it today :)


Brandee Shafer said...

I have appreciated the posts I've read from this series and will be sure to read all of them.

My oldest child is almost 14 and in 8th grade. When he started kindergarten, I was a single mom with a mortgage to pay, and honestly, I never even considered homeschooling him. Thankfully, he's thrived, for the most part, and I expect that he'll stay his journey in public school.

The oldest of my little kids will turn five next month, though, and I've decided to give the homeschooling thing a whirl. When I think of homeschooling all three of them until the baby graduates, I feel a little panicky, so one year at a time, I think. But I'm thankful for all the resources on the Internet.

Heather said...

Hi Brandee! Glad to hear from you :)
Yes, it's a big leap! Truly, one year at a time is about all most of us can handle. I used to say that in the first years but now we know for sure this is God's will for our family so we say this is just what we do! It took awhile to figure it all out and to know that on the hard days, you're still okay. Learning is happening, even if sometimes it's just to load the dishwasher :)
You can do it! Try to find some support in your area, if you're able. Happy homeschooling!

Camille said...

You are a sweet encouragement to my heart my friend. Thank you for the reminder about the need to date...I's so important. :) Hugs! Camille

jeana said...

We do this too. It is vital to running a smooth and functional home and school. My favorite times are hanging with Dan!