Saturday, January 11, 2014

Emily's Storybook Birthday Party

She loves books and told me she can't put one down until she's finished it, which leads to late night readings. And so, it seemed appropriate that her birthday party would emphasize this love. Her guests arrived dressed as storybook characters and she, herself, as Red Riding Hood.
Her friend, Kyla, (and her mom) gave Emily a most special surprise--a cake and cupcakes designed perfectly for the theme.
That book is a Rise Krispie square!
just because my girl loves horses :)
They were so lovely, I didn't want the kids to eat them! 
Thanks, Gillian!
Oh, hello, Raggedy Ann. 
Laura Ingalls Wilder is excited about what Jasmine, of Aladdin, has given the birthday girl. 
She loves it. 
"Jasmine's" lovely outfit was straight from India (for real :)
In fact, she loved all her books (and a couple of movies and gift cards to a nearby bookstore). 
 A Rapunzel birthday card was an excellent choice!
 Her cousin, Eden, wrote her own book for Emily!
 It is all about the mischievous adventures of two little princesses. Hmmm... who could that be?
 Eden, or should I say, Cinderella, is proud of her work.

Our storybook characters were well-dressed. This one was made by her mom to suit the cover of the book she gave Emily. Perfect!
 Katniss (cake-giver, listens intently to the story read by Molly to the group of girls).
 Also in attendance, Kiki, Sully and an unnamed slave girl.
Emily, you are nearly nine years old (early party)! You've always wished you could fly but, you did, my little girl, you flew in time and became a young lady when I blinked. God bless you, sweet, helpful girl. Mommy and Daddy love you so much!


Jo Brent said...

What a lovely and very special party. Molly and I enjoyed the pictures and would love to read the book written by her cousin!

Heather said...

Well then, come right on over and read it :)

jeana said...

What fun! Happy Birthday, Emily!