Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Favourite Places

We've visited our favourite places countless times  this spring and summer and we try to think of one more friend who hasn't come with us yet. Armed with nature notebooks and a trinket for a geocache, it's always a good excuse to head for the trail. It might sound silly but I often pray and ask God to reveal some little treasure just for us. This day, He uncovered a tiny nest of the Blue-Grey Gnatcatcher! Oh, the sweet, quiet squeaking sound they make! We stopped short on the path and searched high and low after hearing it. Husband and wife zipped back and forth feeding their babies every few minutes. A treasure, indeed :)

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jeana said...

Amazing, Heather! I can't help but wonder why God has me in a place with not a whole lot to explore when I see pictures like this ;). I pray alot about just finding something too. of course He always provides. Your adventures sure are fascinating!