Sunday, July 7, 2013


"Wait here, son, and I'll be back with your dinner."
This should be easy enough.
Yep, I can do this. 
Big stretch.
Nope, these wings aren't working on their own quite yet.
"Good boy. Your patience paid off."
I watched this scene this afternoon and nearly giggled out loud at the countenance of this little robin. He was barely aware of me as I perched closely so I could photograph the provision of parent to child. God is like this faithful parent. He is working on our behalf while we wait patiently and obediently.


jeana said...

This is amazing! What a perfect picture of God in every way possible. Something about this has calmed me from all the fuming I had just been doing. : / He certainly is patient with us isn't He?

sgm said...

Can you make a kids book out of that please! So amazing!!!! I just love it.

Anna said...

Yes, He is so faithful! Great moment by moment pictures!