Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Loving Our Town, God's Way

"God bless Miss Rebecca!" my girl calls out from the back seat.
"God bless Dr. McCord and Dr. Faught!" calls my son.

From that point on, we glance left and right calling out prayers and blessings over the people of our town.
We pass the Pilates studio I attended once. "God bless Miss Christy!" the kids shout in unison.
And I add, "Help her to receive You!"

I drive slowly through the main street, reminding my children of the new lady I met in the Bulk Barn who told me her husband is having a kidney stone removed and she's quite unraveled about it. I remind them of Cale, who bags my groceries and is normally scowling and put-out that his friends are playing video games while he has to be working. I think of Bev, who works three jobs in this town and always wears a smile. Then there's blessings over Uncle Drew, who no longer works at this office but just passing by helps us to remember him. We can't forget about Dr. Kay, who's been married only a few years and is wondering about children. Cousin Julie works in there too, and Miss Tracy, who walks everywhere and marches past our home each evening. We never forget Miss Lisa, who altered Meghan's dress for Auntie Holly's wedding many years ago.

Friends who live nearby may get a prayer now and then too. Miss Jessica, a beautiful, single mom of three, gets a whispered prayer from me. Miss Annetta, receives a hearty shout-out as my children love getting their hair cut by her skilled hands. The DeVries family receives a prayer over their "transmission fix-it place". Last, but not least, we pray a huge blessing over Daddy and the nurseries. We pray for many customers and smooth business transactions, for his witness in the workplace and safety for all who work or purchase there. If we're coming from the other direction, we pray for my husband's competitors to be blessed and I tell my children that they're a family business too and hope for the same things we do.
Sometimes we don't remember our townspeople. Kids are arguing, I'm losing my patience, someone lost their pencil between the seats or perhaps, it's just a quiet, thoughtful ride. Mostly, though, we do this loving our town thing. It's been years of practice and getting to know the people. Our list is lengthening and I believe God is leading us to some hurting people so we can remember them in the future, and to some Christian business people we can support with our patronage. We recently discovered that a man we met a few months ago prays for us every time he passes by our place. That thrilled my heart! If prayer is as effective as God's Word says it is, things are changing in this town. He's moving in hearts and minds and it's all because He works through the prayers of His children, who are loving their town, God's way.

photos by Crazy Meghan :)


jeana said...

What a lovely blessing over your town! I'm going to have to do this with the boys. They'd love it!

Anna said...

Crazy Meg took some great pictures. A great reminder to pray for everyone, including our local neighbours.

J Demkowich said...

This is the post I "randomly" choose to read?? I am so blessed to have you in my life. xoxo

Heather said...

Yes, Jessica! That's YOU I pray for, lol! :)