Sunday, July 21, 2013

When The Mosquitoes Have Their Way

Sugar runs through my kids' veins and that's why the mosquitoes love them. I, on the other hand, can go deep into the woods in search of interesting birds and return without too many bites--or, at least, I don't notice them. My children pick wild flowers, ride circles on the path while I stand staring into the tippy-tops of a spruce tree, and we're all happy together--that is, until they collapse in itchiness, scratching furiously and comparing mosquito-inflicted welts. It's earlier than we had hoped but it usually signals our little hike is over. Even short jaunts have treasures to be found :) 


jeana said...

Your pictures are just captivating! God just leaves me in awe over His creation. The mosquitoes on the other hand?? Haha. I'm one they certainly target!

Anna said...

Those great pictures make it worth all the mosquito bites!!