Monday, July 8, 2013

Soccer Season

Warm nights, cheering fans, too-long grass, devotional break, sister-coach, and visiting parents... we love our Christian soccer league.
Last week, I sat in my lawn chair, sipping my tea and laughing (mostly) at my son's game. A bobbing, twirling pack of kiddos traveled with the ball, only one or two truly knowing their position. I did a quick check toward Emily's field since I'd be heading there next when suddenly, Oliver leaned right in my face and loudly exclaimed, "Mommy! You missed my goal!"
"Oh, Babe!" I cried, "I'm sorry! I'll watch every minute from now on." He ran off, satisfied with that answer and I quickly peeked to the right and the left, smiling sheepishly at the wide length of parents sitting along the sidelines.
Oliver slipped off the field for a drink and I let him know I'd be over at Emily's game and apparently, that was okay, as long as I never took my eyes off him while watching his game. I was relieved and looking forward to my husband joining me the next week, lol! 

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Anna said...

Looks like Oliver has quite the moves!! (gymnastically speaking and in soccer)!!