Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Comfort Of Cousins

We tire of the books and of the routine sometimes. That's when we connect with our cousins, who are also ready for some change. Whether it's still with schoolwork or just hanging out having fun, the comfort of cousins all around makes us thankful. 
Grandpa's airplane... sitting in our driveway as he passes through here (trailing it with wings removed) then home to Alberta. 
 Loving new baby cousins who will understand all the noise soon enough :)
 Grandpa and Grandma Iris
 relaxed schooling, just our style.
 photographing hummingbirds at my sister's feeder

 ...and her hens
 ...and her pony (I bet you miss him, Betty! They're taking good care of him.)
ranch hand :)

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jeana said...

How blessed you are!! I sit back in awe when I see people with families like yours. I sure wish we had family and cousins around. Enjoy!