Tuesday, July 9, 2013

More Than Friendship

It was our annual Friendship Club (Ministries) barbeque and my children wouldn't let me forget the whole week before. Grandma and Grandpa had been there early, preparing for our developmentally disabled friends who arrived with just as much fervor as my kids. This year, once again, Herb came with his hilarity-producing games that drew participation by everyone. I wouldn't be exaggerating by saying pure joy erupted in that place!
(Oh, how I'd love to post photos of the "Friends' lovely faces but I must protect their privacy so my kids and the "mentors' will have to suffice.)
Serving our "friends", as we call them at our weekly, school-year-long club, is a blessing that overrides the preparation, time and effort. Our relationship is more than friendship, it's a beautiful dance whereby we embrace ones who understand struggle and move together in the harmony of a God-written song, which blends us in unity. I LOVE that my children have been taught the dance by their Creator too. They'll ever be unified with "friends" wherever they go in life, helping them and being changed by how they help us to understand what true friendship looks like.

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