Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Entering The World's Stage Left: A New Reader

She is beginning to feel like a reader. Oh, she could sound out words for a long time now but it wasn't until she opened a chapter book, that she knew her time had arrived. She realizes she's entered a new world of possibilities when piecing those once-foreign symbols together leads her on an adventure.

Yesterday, while Molly was reading aloud to me she exclaimed, "Oh! I just looove the words, 'he stopped' in stories! It means that something is coming... sometimes something scary!"

There's nothing so special for a homeschooling mom as the day when this love for reading "clicks". You hope for it, work for it, pray for it. You wonder if this child is the one who won't necessarily be just like you--an avid reader--but still, you pray. The goal for all children is to have the ability to read, and they all will. But the love of reading-- now that's a gift.


Camille said...

Such beautiful pictures of your daughter reading...I love it! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Molly, you have 2 of my loves....reading and the window seat. I remember years of you dancing and doing "shows" in our bay window. When I was a girl, I always longed for a window seat on which to lounge and read. GOD has so graciously provided us both with one! How I love you! How sweet you are! How blessed to have a Mommy who cares for you, teaches you and mostly, a Mommy who prays for you! Enjoy your time in the window, Molly, let it be a time of rest and refreshing to your little soul. Love Mama xo

Heather said...

Hi Mommy! You can delete this one. It's because it's in your name. I love you so much. You always find different ways and special angles for pictures :) I hope you have a nice day and a happy weekend! By the way, I love teh last picture of Molly.

Jesus' Richest Blessings,
Your daughter,

Holly said...

Sigh. I love it. Of course it's my heart you've poured out there on the page.

Beautiful Molly, there is a whole world out there to be discovered between the pages of a good book. I'm so glad you've learned to travel to those new worlds while never leaving your little window seat.
Love, Auntie Holly

Pure Perseverance said...

{Inhale}. Beautiful. Meghan, I know you are such a blessing to your mommy.
How old is Molly? Yes, yes, yes! I agree with everything you said about reading! Keep that interest sparked!