Friday, September 24, 2010

Dancing In The Minefields

Terry, that's what the promise is for. I love you.


Camille said...

That was beautiful Heather...thanks for sharing. Brought tears to my eyes. :)


P.S. One day at a time...with the LORD! HE is in the midst of the two when they are one when they are HIS!

Mouse & Magoo said...

Love the way it was filmed.
Ha,ha gotta love the guy in the background playing the instrament that I can't even remember what it's called (:

The lyrics aren't really for kids, but I like the tune.

I love you too (:
Meghan Grace

jeana said...

I really love that song. SO much love.

The Maretzki Family said...

Wow, what a GREAT song! (and I liked the singer, too :-)

The Maretzki Family said...

Oh, and Mom also saw this and it also brought tears into her eyes.....and I think that instrument is an accordian, Meghan. ;)

Wanting What I Have said...

Just got caught up reading several of your posts...LOVED them all! Especially the interview with your children.

And I LOVE this song. We were 20 when we got married...and everyone said we were too young, and it was harder than we'd ever imagined it would be, and yes, that is what the promise is for. I am so glad you shared this. And the older couples...brought the tears!

Love it!

The Maretzki Family said...

I know I'm giving you three comments....but I wanted to tell you that I just showed my Dad, too, and he said he didn't like it...just kidding!! ;) He and Mom cried buckets!