Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You Can Dress SOME People Up...

Every once in awhile, Mom and Dad Vanderkruk take us all out for dinner. Laughter seems to be on the menu and there's always silliness for dessert. When you get this family together, you never know what might happen (besides Nursery business talk). You can dress some people up but you can't (or shouldn't) take them out :)

Mom and Dad

Oldest sister, Linda and husband, Martin

Next sibling, Rob and wife, Trish

Kim and husband, Ed


Next in line is Leanne, who is a little busy at the moment

Yes, this is all IN the restaurant (way to go Dad!)

A sympathetic hand from Mom on her shoulder

...and her husband, Mike... but don't let his nice smile fool you. He's also a jokester.

Oh, and then there's Kevin, who's always up for a good time

And just when we get out into the parking lot to leave, Leanne is back at it, shooting the worst tasting mints at all of us (she thinks that warrants the firing).
You don't want to know what we do with our water glasses. Yes, the staff at these places now know us but do look forward to our visits :)

Lovin' the in-laws in a really big way.


The Maretzki Family said...

Hilarious! Great pix!

Craig and Bethany said...

The BEST!! Can't put a price on GREAT in-laws. I know. We've got 'em too!

LOVE it.

Anna said...

You guys are crazy! But so fun, eh? Thank God for all types of families.
I'm surprised they keep letting you back in the restaurant!!

Camille said...

How WONDERFUL your family is Heather...you are very blessed! LOL...fun times!! :)

Blessings to you this day my friend!


The Maretzki Family said...

You have a blog award!


Mouse & Magoo said...

Hilarious pics Mommy.

Yes, the Vanderkruk side is just A BIT crazy (:

Love'm. And you.

Love makes the world go 'round.
Meghan Grace


The Maretzki Family said...

Oh, and JUST IN CASE you didn't know, once you see the blog award on my blog you have to:

1. Save the blog award
2. Put it on your sidebar.
3. Write a post about it and list 7 things people might not know about yourself

Not pushing you.....just wasn't sure if you knew.