Friday, October 1, 2010

Something Interesting?

Twelve year-old Sydney, from this blog, has graciously given me this award. She says that I must tell you seven things about myself in order to accept the award. Since I can't think of seven interesting things above and beyond all the stuff I always journal about on this blog, I thought I'd ask my family if they could think of anything. Here's what they said:

1 .Meghan said, "You always kiss in front of us." (well, you know what that inspired me to do... :)

2. Terry said, "You like your feet uncovered when you wake up in the morning." (yep, and you do it for me, Babe)

3. Molly said, "You stand like a flamingo when you're baking and in conversations with Monique (neighbour)." (all my life, I'm afraid!)

4. Emily said, "You're pretty." (that's my 5 year-old, bless her)

5. Oliver said, "You be nice to me." (I'm glad you think so after the discipline tonight :)

6. Meghan said more, "You read stories, take pictures and sing in a different way." (Hmmm... what exactly does that mean?)

7. Molly said more, "You make us guess where we're going in the van." (Guess where we're going tomorrow? It's my little secret.)

So there you are :) Thanks for staying tuned.

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The Maretzki Family said...

I like the idea of asking everyone in your family! I didn't see it right away for some reason. (?) Love it!

I don't think you HAVE to do this....but if you want, you can also post the image on your sidebar.