Monday, October 11, 2010

Day Ten (of 31 Days)

I walk the rows of tall stalks that scuff and sweep each other in the wind. Kernels of gold peek out through brown silk and present their harvest-readiness. I run my hands along the rows as I pick up speed. Running through the corn field I savour the scent of His sweet earth beneath my Sunday flats, dry, crisp stalks slapping against my legs. Slowing to a walk I gaze up at feathery plumes backed against the rich blue sky. I have only a few minutes, but He meets me in the beauty of His creation. I stand in wonder. The earth is the Lord's and all it's fullness... (Psalm 24:1a)
Drawing close today in the awe-inspiring, glorious, God-filled outdoors. Won't you join me? Take your Bible with you and a journal and pen. Listen. Listen really closely to what He whispers through His creation.