Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day Twelve (of 31 Days)

Every year he's there. He plucks his fingers on the keys and buttons as we sweep through the underground parking to the outside world at Memorial Square. His jovial smile, encouraging words, and scripture quotes are masterfully breathed between the lines of the hymns he plays. He's the Accordion Man and a Reverend--from where? I don't know. I never asked. I drop a dollar or two and stand a few seconds, but I'm usually in a hurry, trying not to miss what God has in store for me at the conference.
Trying not to miss what God has for me...
I am stopped in my tracks. Could I really be missing what God has for me if I take a moment to listen, to give, to love, to receive? A man who now sits humbly on a stool with an open suitcase, passing out tracts, must have a wealth of wisdom! I'm afraid I'm like the Levite who passed by on the road too quickly, barely stopping to receive the richness that could have been mine. Not that this man is in need of help but that stopping to support, means I'll be ministered to personally. I asked permission to take his photo and he obliged but he was more concerned about me taking a tract. As you draw close to God this month, seek out people who have this great wealth to offer. Here's a hint: they're usually over sixty :) They will teach you by their example how to draw near to your Maker.


Anna said...

Thanks for the reminder to seek out those who have that great wealth to offer!
I still wish I could have been there!!

Camille said...

Yes, the gray hairs are the crowning glory and indicate (often, not always) wisdom within! May we all take the time to learn before it's too late!

And why do we try to conceal those gray hairs when they appear?? ;-)