Monday, October 4, 2010

Day Four (of 31 Days)

Monday, October 5--Being thankful is a choice that changes one's daily outlook on life. On Mondays, I join the Gratitude Community to share with others and to be held accountable. The body of Christ is so necessary to remain strong in the faith. Being this close to Thanksgiving makes it even more important to rejoice in the little things that are ultimately blessings... blessings that may be ignored by us if we don't look really hard. Read Psalm 100 out loud today and rejoice! If you're not part of the Gratitude Community, take a minute now and then throughout the day to jot down reasons to be thankful, no matter how small. Notice how the frustrations that seem so big, begin to fade with all that thankfulness :)

470. thankful for the way my husband uncovers my feet in the morning (he knows I like it)

471. for crisp, fall days

472. for fresh, clean children on a Sunday morning

473. for our new favourites, J.J. Heller and Andrew Peterson

474. for mums in my planters at the front door

475. for various coloured and shaped pumpkins (God really is creative)

476. for the underground railroad (we're learning about it)

477. for the Women Of Faith conference (can't wait!)

478. for our Mediterranean restaurant in town (one of my favourites)

479. for library visits

480. for neighbour visits

481. for inspiring kids' movies that make my husband and I end up crying (Secrets Of Jonathan Sperry)

482. for our precious kids we sponsor, Sifuniso and Linley (praying for you!)

483. for the hope of good news for our friends' Ethiopian adoption visa going through this week

484. for fantastic books we've so enjoyed from our local thrift store

485. for early bedtime for me (seriously, as I'm typing this, my husband is asking if I want to watch a movie! Is there hope for me? lol!)

486. for answered prayer to a situation that is so vital to our future (praise God!)

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom, and as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God. Colossians 3:16

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jeana said...

Praising God with you this morning. Love your list. God is so good!


Camille said...

Wonderful list today Heather! Aren't the Psalms so full of rich truth?? Love Psalm 100 too. :)


Mouse & Magoo said...

Great graditude list Mommy.

This week {like I've told you} I've seen a big change in our family. Including me!

After an arguement or something I always feel the urge to say sorry. I've been seeing our whole family saying it more recently. I am glad for that. The Holy Spirit is really working in us for sure.

That movie about Christianity tonight really got me.
As you know, I am really passionate about being green, and such like that, but after that movie I really feeling like I have to go door to door in our neighbourhood and tell people about Jesus.
As you also know, I am a daring person. I will take any dare anyone puts me up to.
Especially Ryan. So that helps too.

Tonight at dance I will do my best {as I always do} but I will have a face of joy and the fruits of the spirit so that people will question, "Why is SHE so happy?"

Love it.

Meghan Grace

Anna said...

ok, we need to talk more (or have tea more)! I love the movie "Secrets of Jonathan Sperry". We have watched it numerous times- I bought it for Paul for his birthday. And JJ Heller...I was going to e-mail you to listen to her latest song, but apparently I don't need to. Thanks for the reminder of making the choice to being thankful. I rejoice with you with your answered prayer, whatever it may be!
Love you

Craig and Bethany said...

So many weeks I sit down and can't hardly think of a drop of thankfulness without great thought. If I didn't take a day each week to re-cultivate gratitude in me I think it would whither altogether.

Love your list -- so many windows into the ebb and flow of life at your house. Wish I could try that restaurant!