Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day Seven (of 31 Days)

Scripture. The life blood of our faith. HIS Word. Who HE is. What He requires from us. How He feels about us. Where our future lies. If this is all true, if we need it like we need breath, it must permeate our very being. Memorize it, savour it, feast on it. The persecuted church all over this groaning earth, gives it's life for this Book to be in its possession, while in North America, we allow our 3 copies per home to gather dust. This is encouragement today to choose a passage to hide in your heart. His Word promises a deep saturation will help us to not sin against Him.
(Thanks, Bethany.)


jeana said...

Such a refreshing way to look at His word. I am loving digging in and feasting on His word with you this month. Off to devour some more and hide it in my heart.

Craig and Bethany said...

3 copies!! Riches untold.

Let the feasting begin.

The Maretzki Family said...

I love the pictures you always put with your "Drawing Closer to God" posts!

Camille said...

How incredibly PRECIOUS HIS Word is...oh that we would cherish it more and hide it in our hearts. Thank you for these posts Heather.

Sending you hugs tonight!

Happy Thanksgiving!