Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day Twenty-Three (of 31 Days)

When you can't draw close and it's all you want to do... talk to Him.
I photographed a wedding today. God was there. I love weddings where the Lord is welcomed. It was all day and evening and I just returned home at 11pm. I wanted to have quiet time with God today but since that was impossible, I talked to Him on the run. It's overwhelming for me to fathom that I serve a God who is right beside me, at all times, while He's right beside you at all times too. My finite mind can't grasp this. But I trust it. Because I trust it, I spoke with Him a lot today as I faced the emotions of anxiety, peace, apprehension, joy, and confusion at various times and for various reasons. When no one was able to help me and I had to remain in control and smile and take charge of the wedding party and family, Jesus was there. I could whisper to Him with all assurance that He was listening because of previously drawing close. Isn't it true that when you know someone because you spend time with them, you know they'll be there for you when you need them most?
I encourage your continued relationship building with your Creator so that His strength will be obvious to you in the times when you have nothing to do but cry out to Him.


~marci~ said...

I have been "stalking" your blog for some time. Your appreciation for the beautiful, your sense of humor, and spiritual depth challenges me to be a better person. Just wanted to let you know you are a witness.!

The Maretzki Family said...

Beautiful picture. I love how we can talk to God anywhere we are, anytime!

Camille said...

How fortunate they were to secure YOU as their photographer...what a blessing! Love the photo you allowed us to see...GORGEOUS! :)

And yes, how precious that we can constantly be in communion with our wonderful Saviour...we are so blessed!!

With Love,

Craig and Bethany said...

A wedding, how wonderful! You are such a great photographer; I hope you do lots more.

And you're so right about every moment with God having the accumulation of all the previous moments inside of it.