Saturday, October 2, 2010

31 Days To Drawing Closer to God

I am so blessed to be a part of the blog world. I am amazed by the women I have "met" online; their courage, humility and inspiring ideas have encouraged me time and again. The Lord is undeniably using so many willing women to do His work by drawing others to Him through their writing. One such woman writes here. As I share my journey, I pray that I too, would raise an awareness in women that a personal relationship with the Creator is not only fulfilling, but essential for our survival. How anyone can venture through this life with it's mountains and valleys without God, is beyond me.
On the lighter side of the blog world, eight women offer practical and lovely tips for making this life just a little easier and our homes a little more beautiful. They began October 1st and have promised to give us a month of ideas. They can be followed here. With all of the fantastic articles I've been reading so far as these women prepared to get their blogs ready for October, I have decided to draw closer to God throughout this month and would love for you to join me. I write, not because I have anything profound to offer, but so that we may grow on this journey together. And in keeping with my ever-undisciplined nature, I am one day late in beginning. Now you know one of my prayers for change--to stop procrastinating :) So without further adieu, I offer October 1st and 2nd in this post.
Friday, October 1st--Yesterday, I struggled with a load of burdens and a pile of laundry. I even told my husband I felt like a failure to him, my children and my God. What better way to start this month of drawing close to Him than with a broken and contrite spirit? Do you ever feel this way? Let's pray today for the Lord to reveal His truth in this area to us... that He loves us with an everlasting love. And, let's ask Him to help us really believe it! Make a prayer list of the areas you know the Lord needs to do a work in you. Give them to Him and expect a real change this month. Read Jeremiah chapter 29 today.
Saturday, October 2--Today, my mom and niece participated in the Ride for Refuge. The two of them have such a passion to free little girls trapped in the sex-slave trade in Cambodia and elsewhere. I found myself pushing the thoughts of what this is really all about from my mind. I wanted to just get through my day, sponsor their efforts and say a little prayer for good biking weather. How did I get to this place of such complacency? I know the Lord does not want me overwhelmed by the horrors in this world while I am teaching my children daily. However, I must allow myself to stop and think and feel. I owe it to God, my children and those who are suffering to hurt deeply enough to be moved to do something! What is homeschooling for if we can't weep for the lost and tortured of this world in front of our children and engage them in prayer and other practical solutions?
On this second day, why not consider asking God to reveal where you can be used in some one's life today? It may be abroad or close to home but there's a need He wants you to fill. Then, do something about it!
Read Psalm 139.


The Carmodys said...

Thanks Heather - I'll be following along.


Anonymous said...

GOD is near the broken-hearted. I heard of a woman today, a Hollywood Producer! who prayed and asked GOD to allow her heart to be broken for what HIS heart breaks! She has changed the world, building farms in Uganda. Heather, you are an inspiration, thanks for sharing your love & hope with us & spurring us on to be better Christians. Love Mom xo

jeana said...

I'm not sure my last comment went though, but I just wanted to say I will be joining you and others this month Heather. Thank you for your heart!