Friday, October 15, 2010

Day Fifteen (of 31 Days)

"Labouring fervently for you in prayers..." is the phrase my eyes could not pass over in God's Word today (Colossians 4:12). My heart knew at once that in drawing close to the Lord, we also draw close to His people. I sifted in my mind all the prayers I had whispered over the last several days, prayers for healing and deliverance. Some have been personal and some for others but this portion of Scripture struck a chord with me. In all my passionate conversation about my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and all my good intentions of praying, am I labouring fervently for them? Truly? Oh, I could begin to defend my case. I'm a loyal and compassionate friend. But, am I engaging consistently and deeply for the Body of Christ?
All day, upon remembrance, I utter small prayers, like wishes and, although, the fall-on-my-knees-weep-for-you kind of intercession is on the top of my list, it often gets knocked to the bottom and sometimes never happens. I had a friend recently call me a prayer warrior and I quickly admitted to her that it's definitely my intention but at times it's more in word than in deed. And so, I want to encourage you and I to assess our fervency for loving the Body and commit to labouring for them in prayer. I'm certain that drawing close to God this month will result in a greater love and passion for our fellow believers.
(I don't assume that every reader struggles the same way I do. Forgive me for seemingly believing this. I would just like to encourage the busy but well-intended Christians to dig deeper. If you intercede fervently, please share with us how you draw close. Any advice is welcomed.)

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Craig and Bethany said...

I'm like you. The ebb and flow of prayer battles leaves me feeling I should intercede more. The front lines are waiting. Something about prayer being invisible makes it get swept away sometimes until the day is over. I always regret it. What a privilege to even get to step in the ring. What a good God we have to fight for us and with us. I always wonder what's really at stake. More than we can ever imagine, I bet.