Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Support For The Body

Yesterday, my new friend who works at a lovely little spa in town, stayed late for me so I could have a pedicure and brow wax. I'm not really the spa-going kind of girl but I do love the pampering from time to time. I had prayed that I would be able to bless my friend, who is going through a difficult time; I thought a listening ear would be just what she needed. At the end of the treatment, she told me that it was no charge. Of course, I objected and was quite prepared to pay her, but she would have none of it! I was overwhelmed by her generosity. That saved me over $55. She squeezed me and told me she wanted to bless me!
When I returned home, I began to think of how I could bless her and it occurred to me that this is exactly what the Lord desires from us. He asks His children to do unto others as we would have them to unto us. It's a reciprocal blessing, one that keeps giving. Paying it forward and back again, if you will. However, the Christian's action is to shine the love of Jesus. We need to shine His light to an unsaved world but we also need to support and take care of our brothers and sisters in Christ.
In the nursery business, there is much competition but we have friends who will shop nowhere else because they desire to honour the stand we take on being closed on Sundays. Likewise, my husband and I try to use Christian tradespeople for jobs that we need done around the house. Who do you support in your community? Are you reserving your support for your fellow believers? We need to strengthen the circle of Christian businesses and help each other to do well. Why would we put our hard-earned money toward secular commerce first? If you know someone who is doing their best to serve the Lord and is taking a Christian stand in this tough and competitive environment, prayerfully consider offering your patronage to them before looking elsewhere.
Speaking of business, there's so much that women can do to help provide for their families in more ways than laundry and cooking or even working outside the home. Read Proverbs 31 today (starting at verse 10, even if you know it well) and discover how God wants us to bless our families and those in need around us. Ask Him to show you if you're missing where your support should be.


The Maretzki Family said...

What an inspiring story!

Craig and Bethany said...

The volley of blessing. The very best sport.