Monday, October 11, 2010

Day Eleven (of 31 Days)

Snuggling up with pen in hand, I write out blessings, naming them one by one. They leap off the page at me like fireworks that can't be ignored and my lips curl into a smile. You can't be down when you're bubbling with gratitude for your undeserved and bountiful blessings. It's a way of drawing close--this thankfulness. It's recognizing where all the goodness comes from, that the goodness is only lavished on us because of the overwhelming grace of God. Drawing close with thankfulness...
487. for my beautiful, fun-loving extended family

488. for "girl-talk" between mom and sisters

489. for the men who took all the kids for a Thanksgiving Day walk

490. for my boy who tells me he goes to the grocery store with me so I won't get lost

491. for friendships with women and the weekend with one in particular at the Women Of Faith conference

492. for Autumn and what it brings to all five senses

493. for cousin-love

494. for my two nephews who tore out my laundry room floor so it wouldn't cost so much to get professionals--thanks

495. for an amusing cat who is more on a schedule than any of us and calls the children to bed every night at the same time

496. for laughter in abundance, especially at the conference--such good medicine!

497. for the Holy Spirit's conviction to be a better wife, mom and friend after hearing the speakers there

498. for the freeze-dried ice cream I tried (how fun!)... haven't seen that in Canada!

499. for sweet memories spoken of Mama and Grampie that caused my sisters, mom and I to burst into tears all at once

500. for drawing close this month and how it's going to create in me a clean heart

"A thankful heart is a peaceful heart", my pastor declared this Sunday.

Have you penned your gratitude list lately?

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Wanting What I Have said...


I am so happy for you that your nephews were so helpful! How wonderful! (Does that mean you're redoing your laundry room?!)

The Maretzki Family said...

W-O-W. You've reached 500 things to be thankful for!

Camille said...

Oh Heather what a lovely post!! I especially love that your little boy wants to go shopping with you so you won't get lost...too cute!! Your posts have all been wonderful...sorry I am commenting all at once. This has been a busy week...not much time to visit the last few days...but I am catching up now. :)