Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rose-Coloured Glasses?

I read this little survey in a friend's blog book today ( and thought it would be interesting to find out how my children view me as their Mommy. Since I've turned thirty-eight, I've been evaluating my life and asking the Lord to show me what is good and what must go. Why not get my children's opinions on what they think a Mommy should be, too? I took each one of them aside and privately asked them the questions. I wasn't quite expecting some of their answers.

1. Why did God make Mommies?

Meghan said, "To take care of the kids."

Molly said, "For kids."

Emily said, "Because kids can't be on earth by their-selves."

Oliver said, "Because God made all things." (good catechism answer :)

2. How did God make Mommies?

Meghan said, "By mothers."

Molly said, "From man's blood."

Emily said, "That's a silly question. He put bones in them."

Oliver said, "For man's glory." (unbelievable)

3. What ingredients are Mommies made of?

Meghan said,"DNA."

Molly said, "Blood, veins, muscles, bones and jaws."

Emily said, "Ribs."

Oliver said, "Bones and elbows."

4. Why did God give you your Mommy instead of some other Mommy?

Meghan said, "Because He thinks THAT mom is good for THAT kid."

Molly said, "Because other people are not strong enough." (amen)

Emily said, "Because some is bad."

Oliver said, "Because you want to be. I like you. I like THAT mommy." (me :)

5. What kind of little girl was your Mommy?

Meghan said, "Rambunctious."

Molly said, "A helpful one."

Emily said, "A baby."

Oliver said, "Really little and WE weren't. We were humongoust."

6. What did your Mommy need to know about your Daddy before she married him?

Meghan said, "That he wanted everything to be clean."

Molly said, "If he's a Christian."

Emily said, "That you cannot marry him. Impossible, of course!" (?)

Oliver said, "I don't know." (This will be important to you one day, Little Man.)

7. Why did your Mommy marry your Daddy?

Meghan said, "Because she loved him."

Molly said, "Because they were friends."

Emily said, "Because if you don't get married, you won't be a mommy!"

Oliver said, "Because you don't want to be sick." (LOL!)

8. Who's the boss at your house?

Meghan said, "Daddy... (pause)... actually, Mommy." (If you only knew :)

Molly said, "Mommy."

Emily said, "The parents."

Oliver said, "Mommy and Daddy."

9. What's the difference between Mommies and Daddies?

Meghan said,"Different genders. Dads do different things."

Molly said, "They are boys and girls. They talk different."

Emily said, "He's a boy and you're a girl." (she really felt these were all quite silly questions)

Oliver said, "He likes boys and you like girls."

10. What does Mommy like to do in her spare time?

Meghan said, "Computer."

Molly said, "Computer."

Emily said, "Read."

Oliver said,"You like to play cars and you like to play with me." (yes, Buddy, I do!)

11.What would it take to make your Mommy perfect?

Meghan said, "Be more strict." (okay, then!)

Molly said, "Praying." (I think she meant, "only prayer" LOL!)

Emily said, "Put makeup on." (my honest girl)

Oliver said, "You should play with me. Do you want to play with me, Mommy?"

12. If there was one thing you could change about your Mommy, what would it be?

Meghan said, "That she is more strict." (seriously?)

Molly said, "You going to stores so much." (she often has to stay home when I'm out)

Emily said, "The dots on your face." (Emily, I hope then, that you don't inherit my freckles!'

Oliver said, "You should be a daddy and Daddy should be a mommy. I want to trade." (some days I do too, Babe.)

Well, that about wraps it up. Me in a nutshell, I suppose. Isn't it good to see yourself through your children's eyes? No rose-coloured glasses there, just pure, honest opinion :)


Camille said...

OH. HOW. FUN!!! I *loved* this post! It made me smile and chuckle. I think I should do this with my kids. (After I've smartened up a little ~ LOL!)

You are beautiful...even with freckles. :)


Anna said...

Come on, Heather, get more strict!! Those were great answers! How fun!

The Maretzki Family said...

Good answers, Emily! Too funny! :)

The Carmodys said...

My kids and I just read this over and had some good chuckles! :)

Ok, so now we would like you to tell us where (what date) is this posted on our blog? I vaguely remember doing this with my kids but would love to read it again. And you telling me where to find it would save me so much time. LOL!


Tightwad In Training said...

too it

Sandee Glo said...

Well, sometimes we are not prepared for the honesty, but Heath, what a great session with your kiddies. I love how kids are so true to their heart. We learn from them!

Craig and Bethany said...

I LOVE it, literally laughed out loud! Each personality is so distinct when you put their answers side by side. :)

You are hands down an outstanding mommy. I'm soaking it in.

And thanks for the homeschool tips! It is going great. There are bumps and ups and downs, but the closeness of working together is something I wouldn't trade for the world.