Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Piece Of The Puzzle

Seventeen years ago next week, a boy took a broken but idealistic girl on a ferry ride away from the city to the little island that was "theirs". He toted a sleeping bag and a roll of toilet paper (because he said she always had to "go" at the most inopportune moments). She wondered if this was the night and after a long evening with many nervous gestures and a beautiful love letter, he proposed. She was giddy and didn't know what to say as they snuggled on that sleeping bag at the cool water's edge, watching the lights twinkle from the CN Tower. He flipped her over, sat on her and demanded an answer. She laughed and laughed and when he slid on the ring, she said, yes! He wanted to soak up the mood of the evening and the romance of the location but with such a momentous event, the girl just had to get home to share the news.
Several years later, the two of them sailed from that city again to the little island, this time with four little people who were born as evidence of their love. They wanted a quiet place away from the city and they found it there again. The couple shared their love story with their children at the water's edge, the one with the view of the CN Tower. The eldest was thoughtful, always curious about pieces of the heritage puzzle. The younger ones will hear it again and again so the couple will never forget themselves.

It would seem that the children loved the little island as well.

There have been many revisits to that place since he placed the hard-earned diamond on her finger, but none so sweet as with the ones who have completed their love. And with a tower looming above and the wind blowing their hair, they waved goodbye to the island that holds a little piece of their life's puzzle.


Camille said...

What a gorgeous propsal story Heather! What a precious post! How fun that you have your "own" island! I love how you told it to the kids and included them in the journey as they are now part of the beautiful! AND how blessed you are!! :)

Interesting...Howie proposed to me on September 8, 1990...twenty years ago in three days. I think we should celebrate! Haven't thought of celebrating the propsal date before...but you have inspired an idea. Thank you! :)

Looking to the LORD each step of the way and remembering HIS goodness is such a testimony to your children and part of their heritage! How wonderful!

With Love,

Camille said...

I forgot to say...I *love* the photos of this post...SOOO amazing! :)


Wanting What I Have said...

What a GREAT STORY!!! And how neat to share it with your little ones. Precious!

Heather said...

We got engaged the same day and I felt just as excited! We met the love of our lives!

The Maretzki Family said...