Thursday, September 2, 2010

Squeezing The Life Out Of Summer

Oh, give me just a few more trips to the lake, just a few more swims, just a few more visits with friends and family before we buckle down and get to our schoolwork.
When Betty invited us to her home for a pony ride and beach trip we knew this would be one of the last fun outings we could squeeze out of summer. Yes, we'll still fit other trips in there but to feel the sand between our toes and waves splashing against our warm backs is a gift God sprinkles here and there in only one season for us Northerners. I hadn't seen my dear friend for quite awhile and I want to squish her children when we're around them. We soaked up an extra-special equestrian experience, which was enough fun for a whole week, and then still headed off to the beach for more good times.
Seven little girls and Oliver dove under and jumped over wave after wave for hours while Betty and I "caught up" with each other between all the giggles, screams, and roaring water.

Pony Whisperer and... Rasta, the one-eyed pony

Pony Lover

Pony Spectator


Pony-hoisting Helper


Pony Leader

Pony Parts

Pony Patience :)

Then free-falling in Lake Erie...

the girl who rarely raised her head above water
welcoming the waves
surfer girl

caught off-guard
matchless beauty
dripping wet joy missed that wave!
our "little" gang (with one of Betty's away with his Dad)

a hair-raising good time

catching a wave

settled on the shore

friends from grade school
riding the crest

little mermaid

a day we'll never forget


Camille said...

How WONDERFUL Heather! SUCH fun times!! I didn't know Lake Erie had WAVES! :)

As always...GORGEOUS photos! I *love* how you capture the precious!

Have a lovely weekend!
With Love,

Heather said...

So nice to see Betty's face again! Love to you both!