Monday, May 18, 2015

Day Eighteen: Elbow Grease and Math

My husband got more than a little excited when Oliver asked, "Where did the other ten cents come from?" He was referring to how Terry nonchalantly rounded money to $2.50 when he had mentioned earlier, that with the current exchange rate, he'd get $1.20 each for Oliver's two American one dollar bills. It rolled off of our boy's tongue like breathing and my husband and I both shot an astonished look at each other. After three girls, we are sometimes surprised at the ease with which Oliver performs mental math. Our daughters each "get through" their math but none of them enjoys it. Counting money seems to be one of our son's favourite pastimes, which means, he naturally understands why math is essential to life and is already putting it into everyday practice. Home educating allows for some inspiration here when we use math for baking, purchasing, measuring, building, designing, and calculating babysitting I-O-U-s. Our daughters appreciate this much more than workbooks, however necessary they may be :)

The same goes for hard work of any kind. Although they know that they are to serve others with cheerfulness and respect, the task of getting kiddos to complete chores diligently is an on-going training. My husband is great for rolling up his sleeves and demonstrating by example. He loves to pull a few weeds while wide eyes watch him. He strings the Christmas lights, takes out the garbage, fills the firewood pile, and sweeps the garage with a small entourage gazing at his expertise. Then he enlists their help. Hard work doesn't always come naturally, however, it can be inspired.

With spring in the air and school winding down, there is plenty of hard work to do outside. This time is was me modeling how to put some elbow grease into cleaning the truck. Of course, as soon as you involve water and bubbles, it's all about how much fun can be had. Hard work and fun mixed? Perfect. Seems like a good combination to me!


Anna said...

It looks like they had lots of fun while doing their work! Love it when that happens!

Jill said...

Always great to add learning to life experiences! Wonderful pictures!


Heather said...

Thanks, Anna and Jill :)