Saturday, May 23, 2015

Day Twenty-Three: My Dear Wormwood

This was a week of letters for the older and the younger children. Learning about formal letter writing in an era of casual, slang, and poor grammatical communication is essential, in my opinion. Our Pastor was the recipient of two, and there was the other one penned for a friend, but it was the one written to a fictitious character that gave my husband and I that sense of satisfaction and pleasure that settles in between our mutual expressions when a child seems to "get it". We listened intently as Meg read her assignment that was designated by her Sonlight English course. She had just finished reading, The Screwtape Letters, by C.S. Lewis, in which Screwtape, a lead demon, writes letters of advice to his junior, Wormwood, on how to secure the soul of his human "patient". Meg's homework comprised of writing from the perspective of the archangel Michael to a subordinate angel concerning the lifestyle of their "patient" and how to draw him to God. Meg's eloquence in using Lewis' style of language, along with her understanding of how to assist the secondary angel through doctrine of Scripture was impressive. The discussion that resulted demonstrated the wisdom and awareness she had gained about spiritual warfare, not to mention, an obvious growth in writing. Praise God!
And, of course, a trip to the woods was in order :)
Savannah Sparrow
 Night Heron. We were thrilled to see it! Stickers on that page in the bird books for three of them!
 Singing House Wren
Kingbird taking a rest.

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