Saturday, May 16, 2015

Days Fifteen and Sixteen: Truth Or Dare and Blessings

She'd planned everything from the menu, my grocery list, team-building games and contests, question and answer times, outdoor fun, Blessing Day and now, fourteen girls squished their bodies round a circle, atop sleeping bags, pillows and couch cushions, filling the room with their laughter and giddy shouts. They were playing Truth Or Dare and I had to smile as I heard dares of sticking a hand into the fish tank for twenty seconds or licking a spoonful of spices. Molly has sweet girlfriends and all that silliness is about as carried away as they get... besides chatting in low whispers till one o'clock a.m. Since Molly is becoming a teenager, we allowed a big sleepover party and, as it turns out, only half were able to spend the night--another sign of great kids and families. Never offended, always grateful for the standards kept.
Almost 13!
Truth Or Dare?
Late night sparklers since it's also Victoria Day weekend!
Warhead candy eating contest--no sour faces allowed, and no spitting it out!
Blessing Day returns for the 13th year! Off to bless our staff with cookies and juice on this very busy long weekend.
Cousins love cookies!
Stopping thirsty workers who appreciate a moment's break for a refreshment. 
Helping to put away abandoned carts.
Plenty of babysitters around.  
More cousins loving Blessing Day cookies.
 Handsome Owner/Operator
Everyone is amused by the raspy little "God bless you!" from Ashanti.
Last two friends to go home. Some painting on the driveway.

I'll be writing more about our girl when she actually turns thirteen, but for now I'll just say that this fabulous kid picks pretty darling friends :)

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