Thursday, May 28, 2015

Day Twenty-Eight: School Slows Down, Soccer Speeds Up

They can't wait until next week and that's all I need to hear. Sweaty, dirty little bodies slide into the truck and it's non-stop incessant chatter all the way home about this play and that pass, this goal and that kick. When school slows down and we are already closing a few of our books, out come the cleats and shin guards. It's time for this soccer momma to set up her chair and cheer on her kiddos. (Daddy will be there soon too, but praise God, business is bustling for him!)
This year, Oliver is one of the oldest on his team, which helped him score three goals in this first game :)
Oh dear, Emily, that boy is big.. watch out!
What's going to happen?
Yeah, she got it!
A few moments later, she's ready for more.
Cousin Caleigh races to get the ball.
Post-game fun with the team.
Meg's third year of coaching. She has ten little soccer stars.
She coaches with confidence and grace. She was also scheduled to prepare
 and give the first devotions of the year to her division. 
And... dealt with shenanigans like this :)
Mid-game wrestle with second-cousin, Cole.
Taking a break.
The coach :)
A celebratory moment for the hard working players... and Molly, who prefers to cheer with Mommy.

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Anna said...

DQ on the first night?!! Lucky!! Megs did awesome; she totally didn't need a helper!