Sunday, May 10, 2015

Day Ten: The Best Audience

Katie wriggles on her big brother's lap but she has her eye on what the children are presenting today. She already proudly held her painting against her chest and smiled shyly. Last year, her mommy did most of the talking but Katie is beginning to understand this is a safe place where big kids care for her and everyone says they like her work. Eden steps up to take her place at the front of the group and displays her box filled with rows of rocky soil, weeds, and good soil and proceeds to share her project on Parables, which her amazing momma mixed with botany and other subjects to round out her learning while receiving a lasting spiritual message. Katie likes it, I think, and one by one, our children report what they've been working on recently and inspire one another.
nature paintings by Katie
Amphibians and Metamorphosis by Oliver
 Bats by Sara
Africa by Emily
 Parables by Eden
Manatees by Samantha
E.B.White Study by Molly
 Renaissance by Caleb
Model of the Lungs by Caleb
 History of the Trebuchet by Jack
piano playing by Jack
(Oliver records because he's so impressed with his older friend)
 Flexibility For Seniors essay by Meghan
World Biomes by Brooke
water colour painting by Brooke
Jake shares how he began flying lessons and some of the "tricks" he learned in the air for emergency safety procedures. He tells of his dream to fly for a commercial airline someday. The kids are mesmerized. Our biggest kid in the group is now in the workforce and learning to pilot a plane! Time flies :)
I love how our little group contains varying ages and abilities. Young ones are challenged by older ones, older ones revel in being the heroes and desire to "step it up" next time to impress further. Each new project inspires our children to wok harder and find new subject matter. Grandmas, mommas and children eager to listen... now that's the best audience!


Camille said...

I've been enjoying these posts my friend. I like it when you do these 31-day blogging challenges. :) Hugs to you! Camille

Anonymous said...

I would like to hear about flexibility for seniors,
I have worked/exercised with many seniors and would enjoy hearing Meghan's presentation.
I also enjoy any occasion that causes you to blog more. It bears restating; your poetic prose and beautiful photos nourish my soul.

Heather said...

Camille, you are always encouraging. God bless you, my friend.

Anonymous: Thank you for your kind words and for being interested. If I don't know who you are though, I am unable to share Meg's essay. I would consider sending it to you personally, but I don't have plans to post it here. Have a great day!

Jo Brent said...

Didn't mean to be anonymous
I am just inept in the blog commenting world 😳
It's Jo 😉

Heather said...

Jo! I should have known by the nourishing comment. You're the best :)
I will email Meg's essay to you... or you can have her read it to you!