Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Day Twelve: Us, Working Together

We argued and it was ugly. I tramped into the bathroom and caught my reflection in the mirror. It was then the prayer and tears flowed. Why did I allow myself to carry on with that child? It had begun so well, but as she escalated in a demanding tone, my self-control slowly leaked away like a broken dam and then gushed at the point of impact. My defensive retorts aggressively pulled at the threads of the beautiful relationship we'd woven. I pretended to myself that I was angry with her but I know that the enemy of our souls is out to rob the family of all peace and love. I sign up for that agenda when I allow myself to blow off my steam on her. I once heard that homeschooling is undoubtedly, the catalyst for revealing one's dark side. It was supposed to be a joke but I know this all too well. Grace, lots of it, gets dumped each morning on my bed. I rise and am aware I'm totally forgiven and given the chance to begin again. How can I return to my old way with all that overflowing mercy? I came across this post today, and I was overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit's powerful reminder. My friend, Rebecca calls it a God-spanking ;) No condemnation, of course!
Oh, but working together? It's what I so love! It's a blessed calling and a lovely lifestyle. I am the creator and facilitator of a peaceful and workable environment. When I flow with the Lord, it's countless times better than when I utilize only my own efforts. My kids may have wild and disobedient days, but I am slowly but surely learning to be a spirit-controlled woman... hopefully, before my children leave the home :)
Emily's mini Charlotte's Web project on the rat, spider and pig. Almost finished. 
 Using library cards to record our Africa books as a forever reminder of our rich learning.
 Some of the photos given to us by a couple in our church who have visited Africa a few times.
Dispelling the stereotypes. What a fabulous lesson!
Plodding along, sometimes skipping through this homeschooling journey. Posting some of the productivity always makes me sigh with relief and smile... His grace allows for learning to happen when it feels like the day has slipped through my fingers. Such Love.


Jill said...

We all have those moments as parents.... but it does get better and we know the journey is so worth it :-) Love the idea of the library cards in this project. Have a lovely day.


Camille said...

Oh, how much we need the Lord in this journey my friend! You are doing an amazing job!! Just look at all those lovely projects! :) I like what my sister in love says ~ "It's not that we sin (for we will)...it's what we do about it that matters." SO true! Hugs, Camille

Heather said...

Jill: Thanks for the encouragement!

Camille: Love that quote from your sister-in-love. So true. Thanks for sharing!