Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Day Five: Project Wrap-Up

I set up the paints while she watched with glee. She knew something fun was happening and as far as I know, she'd never painted before. Her meticulous brush strokes and joy of re-dipping back into the tempera over and over made it obvious this little artist was ready for the activity at only two years of age.
As much curricula as I purchase that is textbook based or even Charlotte Mason styled, we always end up having a few projects on the go that are related to some theme we are working on. I'm pretty sure I should just bite the bullet and realize we're a unit study, artsy type of family and run with it for the full year. Africa, Rivers, Frogs, Old Testament highlights, E.B. White books and other reader lapbooks are just a few of the themes we've been drawn to since September. Wrapping up the incomplete ones will be our May challenge. Painting is promised to be included as well. Molly will hold me to it, no doubt :)
so proud of her work
big sister help
 Molly presents her Trumpeter Swan project to her co-op class.
Emily presents hers.
exam practice for ballet
 Home economics--Mama taught Emily how to make herself a skirt.
 cousin sleepover 
ice cream for Papa's birthday
Galimoto races. Toys straight from Africa!
(very serious racers) 
Reading me her favourite part of her book.
(love these moments) 

Tomorrow is our project presentation day with a couple of other families. Looking forward to viewing all the children's hard work!

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Jill said...

So many wonderful pictures here with big smiles! Encourages me even more toward a homeschooling journey. Have a wonderful day!