Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Day Thirteen: Saying Goodbye To Programs

It's bitter-sweet as we say goodbye to Friendship Club and our Homeschool Co-op. Eventually, all of our programs will end and summer will begin. Oliver proudly displays a whole term of artwork, chattering on about which artist each one represents and the method and medium he used to create it. He is genuinely well-pleased with himself and I'm trying not to laugh at the hysterical faces he's making by lifting his eyebrows and presenting so seriously. As he points and explains, I'm grateful for the blessing of our small, co-operative homeschool education. His life is richer (as are my daughters' lives), I have a wee break along with an intense Bible study in the same building, and everybody wins! Saying goodbye is only for a short time so, here we come sunny, carefree days; we are ready for you.


Camille said...

Such a grown up young man you have! How quickly time has flown by as I have watched your children grow right before my eyes via this means. They are all beautiful....yes, even you Oliver! ;-)

Anna said...

He's quite the artist! I can't believe school is winding down already!