Sunday, May 3, 2015

Day Three: Meeting Up With Miracles At The Convention

I met up with a real-life, present-day miracle this afternoon. I could tell by her countenance that there was a change that would be obvious to anyone who'd seen her a year ago or less. A few of us who knew her story--her marriage-in-crisis story--were praying fervently, even fasting for her and her family. She explained to me that things were so much better, not perfect, but better. To know the angst and despair of this floundering, precious soul would amaze you at the words of wisdom, godly sorrow and a softness for even more change that were flowing from her mouth today.
I praised God. I praised Him as I have done time and again as I've watched other friends spin around in a 180 degree turn and receive the Lord's redemptive plan for their lives. I've experienced it in my own and I'll forever be grateful. Don't ever think Christians are exempt of failing miserably in this life. Don't ever believe homeschool families don't suffer division and brokenness. Most of all, don't ever doubt the Creator and Sustainer of the universe can save us all.
On this final convention day I learned how to write a highschool transcript for Meg, I was reminded  that the love of a parent trumps the expertise of teachers (even though I am a certified teacher, I share this with my friends to encourage them), and I was challenged to create more opportunities for science for my kids. Monday, here we come!

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