Sunday, May 17, 2015

Day Seventeen: Like A Good Cup Of Tea

I laid a sleeping, chubby boy in his car seat and held out my arms for another crying one. I settled into the rocker and wrapped a quilt around the tiny, flailing human and began to shake him gently while rocking rhythmically back and forth. Finally, my third boy faded off and the satisfaction was like a good cup of tea after a long day. Rocking babies to sleep in our church nursery keeps this momma in touch with the purest and freshest gifts from God. It's a little rest at the end of the week and, that's what the Lord's Day is all about, isn't it? Even stroking furrowed and anxious brows and patting roly-poly backs are worship to Him. I may have missed the sermon but God reveals Himself to me in the babies. A noble work, indeed. Connection to the Creator, for sure.
Two women sat conversing at my patio table the other day. I only needed to introduce them and the way the Holy Spirit moved in ready hearts was palpable. I had raised the umbrella over them and offered drinks and a surprising and unplanned relationship began between the one asking questions and starving for affirmation and the one sharing and encouraging. Joy to me. A sigh of satisfaction in God's love all over again. My cup of tea overflowing. 
I backed my truck away from the brambly bushes and a flash of yellow caught my eye. I pulled forward again. It was gone. I pulled back out and turned the wheel to roll out of the trail's parking lot. There is was again! I quickly jerked the wheel to the right and opened my window. Gone, just like that---elusive little creature! Suddenly, I looked out my left side and a police car pulled up beside me. The police officer was a woman and her window was rolled down. She motioned to me and I rolled mine down. She questioned, "Uh, are you okay?"   

"Well... I'm a bird-watcher so, I'm not sure I'm ever okay!" I laughed. I groped around quickly for my binoculars and held them up to her. "I bet I looked pretty strange driving like that, didn't I?" 

The police officer nodded and smiled. "Okay," she chuckled, and drove off. 

I giggled all the way home with the kids. Definitely a cup of Earl Grey moment.
Got him! (Wilson's Warbler)
When I finally did sit down with my tea and the pen of my keyboard, the school stuff eluded me and I was met with images of the week's satisfying gifts, all exposed for the glorious beauty that could have been missed. When I'm counting gratitude, when I'm looking in the well-lit places for that steeped, loose-leaf goodness, I see bits of how He originally designed our world. Oh heaven, how wonderful you'll be! The Maker of all that sweetness hidden in the everyday revealed in all His fullness? Tea parties everywhere. 

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Anna said...

Yes, that will be the ultimate tea party!!