Monday, May 25, 2015

Day Twenty-Five: Science Experiment Journals

Things are exploding, inflating, deflating and creating a mess around here. We're working on our science journals, which had been put aside for a few months. They're back out and we're finding new and exciting things to blow up :)

Journals: a page of instructions and then their photo during the experiment and the scientific method recorded in their own writing.
I choose experiments that none of my children have encountered in the past and then expect different levels of journaling from the various ages, or ask the older one (Molly) to take it a step further. What parts can she control? What could she change to alter the results? As the kids read their hypotheses from today, and their conclusions, it was impressive to note how Molly's findings were naturally written in a more detailed language without me even mentioning that they needed to be. I really don't know why we don't keep at it all year since my children absolutely LOVE science experiments. It was a friend's idea to include their photo on each page of their journal that will make them more memorable. Since I'm all about photos, science journals are becoming a scrapbook of sorts ;)

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