Monday, May 4, 2015

Day Four: Using Your Friends and Family In Your Homeschool

The way she tells the story of her African safari is riveting. An angry lion protecting his pride came roaring at the jeep she was riding in--on her side. It was a scary moment as the jeep was blocked in front and behind by two other vehicles. Eventually, they were able to maneuver out and plow over bush to get away. My sweet, traumatized cousin wept with fear as it was all too close for comfort. Thankfully, the guide shared later that it was unlikely the lion would truly attack the safari vehicle as it was larger than himself. She was relieved with that news but wished the group had been shared this bit of information earlier! 
In a few days, Lisa will be coming to speak to my children about all of her African adventures but I desired to highlight her today because I want to encourage homeschoolers to utilize the talented, well-traveled, or entrepreneurial people in their lives who are willing to give of themselves to eager children. In the photo below, my cousin is teaching my kids how to use sign language. Beyond the benefits of specialized instruction, learning from family or friends makes it more exciting and the kids gain a new appreciation for their new short-term teacher. I love this style of learning and so do my children.

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