Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Everything but toys...

Tonight, my oldest and I spent some quality time together. She chattered on and on, obviously elated that she had "the floor". She spent a good portion of our time describing her very special relationship with her cousin, Brooke. I've always known they have a sweet bond, being only nine months apart, but I didn't realize how much Brooke is a part of Meg's heart. She described her cousin in this way:

"Brooke is one of those people you have fun with but if you
hurt her accidently, she doesn't cry. She has a wonderful
imagination and she makes mine run wild! We play horses
and old-fashioned girls and Indians. She is brave and loves
visiting old people. We cry when we can't have a sleep-over. She has everything, except a lot of toys; she doesn't need them, Mommy."

Meghan, never forget what a great blessing you have in that friendship. How grand to know that since Brooke is family, she'll always be in your life! And, Babe, I know how you feel because her mommy is my special friend, too ;)

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