Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Worship Painting

This morning I marveled at my children's art spreading freely from the ends of their brushes as we worshipped simultaneously. I played worship music while they responded through painting. Molly was frustrated, at first, when her idea didn't work out and then, when I encouraged her to let God show her something new, she stood silently for a minute. Soon, she smiled and began sweeping her strokes into a totally different scene that was clearly from Him. They began to enjoy the flow that came as a result of their quiet meditation. In the end, both girls had "stories" that they felt accompanied their pictures. It was an invigorating experience.
Lord, let every part of our lives be worship to You. Let us always marvel at Your works and share with the world how we feel about our Great God through our creativity.

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sgm said...

oh how she is so much like Jack. Gets frustrated and know! I love the idea of just letting kids create and what a cool picture of the moment they were in together! Keep this blog rolling, always inspires me!