Friday, May 15, 2009

Showers of Blessings

"She must have the hat!" Lisa's mom-in-law-to-be urged. We had forgotten about this important detail. After we hunted down tape and a paper plate, she and Aunt Claire set to work on this millinery project.
Traditions--I must say, I love them. Bridal Showers and all that they represent. The little cream scones and tea cups. The ribbons and bows. Ladies, with pens in hand, frantically searching for words from the bridal couple's names before the time is up. Cousins, aunties, daughters, dear friends and neighbours, all gather with tokens of love for the Bride-to-be. We laugh, we cry, we give advice about the days to come and then we squeeze each other tightly with promises of the next gathering.
They call them "showers of blessings" and I've experienced this countless times. I'm grateful for this tradition that draws us all into a little circle. For it's in the meeting together that we are blessed. And in the end, Lisa shone like Audrey Hepburn donning that lovely, mile-high accessory--a creation made with love.

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Anonymous said...

Heather: YOU shone! Your home shone, your love shone and your baking shone! You are a real entertainer! Placed here by GOD! You do HIM proud (me too!!). I love you!